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Updated May 22, 2014

Space Exploration and Science Websites

Encyclopedia Astronautica: This site has detailed information on robotic and human space programs from the 1950s to present. Great site for space exploration enthusiasts and historians.

Spaceflight Now : Another great space-exploration-related site. It has real-time, text play-by-play of space activites such as launches, robotic spacecraft planetary encounters, and space walks. Site is updated daily.

SpaceRef: Another space-exploration-related site. Updated frequently.

NASA: The official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administation. Site is updated daily. Another good site for news on space and astronomy. Site is updated frequently.

Russian Space Web: News and history of aeronautics in the former Soviet Union and Russia.

Science Daily: Website contains science-related news and videos. News is updated daily.

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Website. Site is great for people interested in meteorology. Site has photos, news, and photos pertaining to earth's weather. News is updated daily.

Spaceflight 101: Online Space News.

Space Exploration News: Online Space News.

Hubble Site: The official Hubble Space Telescope Site

James Webb Space Telescope: The Official James Webb Space Telescope Home Page

The Planetary Society: The Planetary Society Website

The Space Show: Dr. David Livingston interviewing people in the space community. Weekly audio cast.

Universe Today: Space News Site, updated daily

Daily Galaxy: Another Space News Site, updated daily

NASA Spaceflight: Online Space News Site, updated daily

Astronomy Magazine: Astronomy news, podcasts, photos

Innerspace Website: Space Exploration News Website updated daily

America Space Website: Space exploration-related news, updated daily

Space Space exploration-related news on the web

Space Flight Insider: Daily Space exploration news

Sports Websites

Pro Bowlers Association: The official website of the Professional Bowlers Association. The official website of the American Bowling Congress.

National Hockey League: The official website of the National Hockey League.

ESPN : The website of ESPN.

National Football League : The official website of the National Football League

Major League Baseball : The official website of Major League Baseball

Games' Websites

MHSCL : The official website of the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League, which I've created and maintained. The website has standings, stats, and information on the league. The site has photos.

Scrabble: The official website of the National Scrabble Association.

Chess: The official website of the United States Chess Federation. It has chess-related news, tournament information, ratings, etc.

USCL:   United States Chess League

This Week In Chess:  Chess News around the world. Updated frequently.

Chess Cafe: Link to Chess-news-related articles. Updated frequently.

Chess Vibes: Online Chess-related news website

News Websites

CNN: The website of Cable News Network.

C-SPAN: Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network. Provides public access to the political process. Non-political programs are also aired. C-SPAN receives no government funding.

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