Summer 2003 Season Review; Brief 2003-04 Winter Season Preview

by Larry King


After the 2002-03 Winter Season, I was optimistic about the summer season because I had the best career year, averaging 170-plus in three leagues, including 178 in the Monday Night BT Mixed League at Bowling Time Lanes.

I had a great time bowling during the summer. However, my performance was a little disappointing. I was inconsistent, especially during the mid-point of the season. My averages, which were in the 170's at the beginning of the summer season, nose-dived. Thus, I did not bowl well enough to help my teammates win more games. My final summer league averages were 165 in the Two-Person Mixed League, 168 in the Tuesday Night League, and 175 in the Wednesday Night Mixed League.

On Wednesday, August 13, I bowled a 250, which was my highest single league game. After missing a spare in the second frame, I had an eight-bagger, the most consecutive strikes I ever had. The game helped me roll a 600 series. Seven days later, I fired a 626 series, which was the third time in which I had two consecutive 600-plus series.

"Dazed N Confused", the team in the Friday night Two-Person Mixed League, finished in last place. Both "US Chess" (Tuesday night three-person league team) and "Bowl O Rama" (Wednesday Night Mixed league team) swept their last-week opponents to avoid finishing in the cellar.

From August 30 to September 4, I took a much-needed vacation from bowling.

Upcoming 2003-04 Winter Season: Finally, the season starts on September 8. Both the Monday and Friday night teams should finish above .500. I.Q. Stats, twelve pins away from winning the Friday Mixed League championship last year, are going to be in the hunt this year. However, we should not focus too much about winning the championship. There is a saying "If you want something too badly, you will not get it."

Also, several questions will be answered: Will Moe still dominate in Scrabble? Will Alan yell "Bad Rack" when he does not get a pocket strike? Will Larry King show up at the end of the season or will he be consistent? Will Larry dominate the strike pool? Will Jen shout "It's not fair" when one of her teammates just miss getting a strike or making a spare? Will Audrey continue Joe's tradition of sneaking food in the bowling alley on Friday nights? These and other questions will be answered during the upcoming season.

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